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Jun 22-24 2018 Preregister now!

Event Information

  • Standard
  • Singapore EXPO(Garnet 212-219)
  • Playmat Package
  • $70(USD)
  • Upgrade to Super Package

Event Structure

Gentle Reminder
All players who has signed up for GP Singapore will get 3 vouchers valued at a total of 15 SGD for Side Events registration sponsored by GREY OGRE GAMES.   (Please proceed to the prize wall counter to receive the vouchers)
Each voucher offers a discount of 5 SGD for Side Events registration    (The coupon may only be used if the side event entry fee is more than 20 SGD, and not valid with other side event promotions. Only one voucher may be used per entry.)

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Note: 10 Tix=1 DOM booster pack

Date: Jun 22 – 24 2018

Format: Standard

Venue: Singapore Expo  Garnet 212-219(Singapore Expo 1 Expo Drive Singapore 486150)

Online Registration Fee: $70(USD)